Books Are Better Than Movies: A Never Ending Debate

Zahra Aziz
3 min readJan 25, 2021
photo by Ramexabella

Have uh ever heard or uttered the sentence ‘book version is much better than the movie’?? Because I have. Although the news, that a featured film is being made on a book is always exciting to me but it scares me as well. Exciting because finally I’ll be able to see the visual representation of what has been confined to my imagination. And scary because whether this movie would be able to match the level of my imagination or is it just going to ruin it. Let’s take part in this debate and discuss some points here :)

Readers bonding with a book:
When you read a book whether it’s fiction, romance or comedy, every little detail is filled by you. You are the one making scenarios, creates a beautiful wonderland of your imagination and no one can take that from you. But while watching a movie, it’s the makers of the movie who want you to watch it the way they imagined.

Unlimited reading time:
You can read a book at your own pace. Sometimes it take days, weeks or months to finish a book. The more you spend time with those fictional characters, the more strong connection you will feel with them. A book has more detail, more depth and after being engross in a totally different world for days or weeks, it feels like you have been thrust back into real life. (Well, this hits hard).

Impossible to create imagery:
Although it seems impossible that a broadcast media like a movie cannot create an imagery as one can create while reading, but it is true. Some things you can only feel either by being a part of them in reality or by being engrossed in your imagination but you cannot convert it into reality using some visual aids.
As Paulo Coelho says:
A book is a film that takes place in the mind of a reader.’
-Paulo Coelho

Loss of story:
Imagine reading a thousand pages book and the movie based on the same book is two and a half hour long. It’s just impossible to add all teeny tiny details in that movie. So, much of the story is lost in a film.

Although all these points are correct but I don’t think it is fair enough to compare a movie and a book. Both are source of entertainment, but are totally different from each other, and both have their own importance.

Will discuss the importance of movies some other day.

Till then take care :)